Saturday, January 31, 2009

i don't know what i want.

well, i guess tonight it's failure to launch at 8:30 and the devil wears prada at 10:00.
haha. last night there was a commercial for a new movie coming out and he was like "you're just asking him to go for drinks its not like you're asking him to watch the devil wears prada" and at that moment i was like :o i love that movie! then the guy said "i love that movie" and im like oh shit.

and my significant other, keeps bringing up his ex. two times today, one time about two days ago.
yea i dont play that way. and i dont know what i want with that relationship, maybe it'll get better when he comes home. i hope so.

i've also been reading a lot lately. i just finished one of david sedaris' earlier books called Barrel Fever. it was pretty interesting. i should really work on my budget project but i really don't feel like it. apathy has kicked my ass here lately.

i'm also ready for summer, this winter stuff isnt gonna cut it, i need the beach and sun, and the pier. thats what seems fun to me.

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